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Wooden Tea Utensils

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This six-piece tea-utensil set finely crafted in Fuzhou City is a must for a Gongfu tea ceremony. The tea set includes:

  1. A spoon/scoop to place the tea leaves in the brewing pot. This is essential, as the oils from your fingers could otherwise influence the taste of the tea.
  2. A funnel to facilitate pouring tea from the brewing pot into the sharing pot/teapot without spilling.
  3. Tweezers/tongs to lift the drinking cups and savor the tea’s fragrance when they are too hot to handle.
  4. A scraper to remove used tea from the brewing pot after use.
  5. A poker to remove leaves that might have gotten caught in the spout of the brewing or teapot.
  6. A needle to clean out the brewing pot.

The Chinese call these tools the “Six Gentlemen.” We recommend that you invite them to your next tea ceremony!


  • Tea Accessories: 8 x 21 cm (with utensils inside of the holder) or 3.2 x 8.3 inches (with utensils inside of the holder)

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Wooden Tea Utensils

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