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Wen Shan Pouchong Oolong Tea

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This delicate oolong is so light in flavor that it frequently causes many a Chinese tea connoisseur to compare it to a green tea. Baozhong has been grown on the mountain slopes of the rural Pinglin District of Taipei since the eighteenth century. Yezi’s Baozhong is brought to you by local tea farmer Gao Xiu Chen. Needless to say, after over two hundred years of cultivating and harvesting it, the tea farmers of Pinglin do an excellent job with their Baozhong.

Baozhong tea leaves are naturally curled instead of rolled and have characteristic white-gray patches reminiscent of snowflakes viewed, perhaps, through the windows of a ski lodge. The brew from this fabled loose-leaf tea is pale and pure and has distinct notes of orchid and lemon that will evoke an aura of springtime no matter the time of year.

Our Tea Farmer

Farmer Gao Xiu Chen, Wen Shan District, TaiwanGao Xiu Chen, Wen Shan District, Taiwan

How to brew Wen Shan Pouchong Oolong Tea tea

  • Amount of tea in grams
  • Temperature in °C
  • Temperature in °F
  • Number of brews
  • First brew time
  • Use: 4-5 grams or 1 tsp. of tea
  • Water amount: 1 gram of tea / 30ml of water or 1 tsp. of tea / 3 oz. of water
  • Time of day: Daytime after meals
  • Temperature: 95-100 °C or 203-212 °F
  • Brew: 5-6 times
  • First brew: 45 seconds
  • Subsequent brews: Add 10-15 seconds
  • Recommended tea set: Lu Yao porcelain gaiwan or teapot

Wen Shan Pouchong Oolong Tea is also known as...

  • Wen Shan Bao Zhong Tea
  • Wenshan Pouchong or Wen-Shan Pouchong Tea
  • Cantonese version of the name is Man Saan Baau Zung
  • 文山包种茶

Customer Reviews

Wen Shan Pouchong Oolong Tea

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4 people found this review helpful
Rating: Rated:4 stars!
Was this review helpful?

Yummy! Fresh and smooth tea with light sweetness and floral flavor. I also taste a light buttery note and spinach. And I agree with Yezi, this is perfect tea for after meals.

  • from New York City
3 people found this review helpful
Rating: Rated:5 stars!
Was this review helpful?

This is a very light, smooth, and beautiful colored tea. My son, his girlfriend and I all thought it was lovely. I followed the recommended temperature and steeped for around 1 min (the first steeping). I can hardly wait to try the rest of the teas from this wonderful tea company!

  • from Montana
3 people found this review helpful
Rating: Rated:5 stars!
Was this review helpful?

Wow! Received this as a surprise with free samples, and really enjoyed it. Very fresh and sweet with mild spinach and honeysuckle flavors. Just a small sip fills the mouth with its buttery flavor and aroma. Really nice, and one of their more affordable teas to boot!

  • from Orlando, Florida, USA
2 people found this review helpful
Rating: Rated:5 stars!
Was this review helpful?

Just a beautiful light oolong. Slightly spinachy, slightly buttery with a hint of lemon. Reminds me of springtime. It also has a great mouthfeel and doesn't leave my mouth dry like some other teas.

  • from United States
2 people found this review helpful
Rating: Rated:5 stars!
Was this review helpful?

Brewed with glass test tube steeper. Steeping times: 45, 60, 75, 90, 120. The leaves are dark green and long and twisty, like gnarled branches in an old forest. They are perfect for the test tube steeper. I liked watching them become enlarged and turn into a lighter green. Very alive and plant-like. The dry and wet leaf aroma alike are thick with vegetal and buttery notes. After the second infusion, the wet leaf began to smell like dried pineapple. The liquor is bright green with fuzzy particles, yet clean with a bright personality. Texture is a little creamy. Flavors of spinach, bok choy, and sugar snap peas are present, and the aftertaste is predominantly floral. Overall, the feeling is fresh and clean. Good for all year round: complements warmer months, evokes spring warmth during winter.

  • from United States

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