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Dragon Well Master Grade Long Jing Green Tea

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A reason to fall in love with green tea all over again.

One of the world’s finest loose-leaf green teas, Xi Hu is grown in the town of Longjing near the breathtaking West Lake of the Zhe Jiang Province of China. Long Jing literally translated means dragon well. This West Lake tea has been harvested since the early days of the ancient Tang Dynasty, when dragons may or may not have roamed the earth, and Yezi’s Long Jing consists entirely of unopened leaf buds called dragon sprouts or water lily hearts. Since the first West Lake harvest, scores of Chinese dynasties have risen and fallen, yet the tea farmers of Zhe Jiang Province have continued growing the West Lake Long Jing—because it’s that good!

The leaves of this particular Long Jing are harvested at the beginning of spring—an entire week before the other varieties are picked—by local farmers who have maintained a fierce pride in growing the finest tea for generation after generation.

The brew is flush with the youthful, vibrant colors of yellow and green, and this premium-grade Long Jing has a natural sweetness reminiscent of sugarcane. Along with the sweetness you will also enjoy other slight but distinct tastes not characteristically associated with green tea. You will sense the assertive notes of grass, spinach, and seaweed that fill out the body of this ancient tea and lend it complexity. You will roll your tongue in your mouth, you will contemplate, and you will know that the Xi Hu Long Jing is a bold tea worthy of the fiercest dragon!

Our Tea Farmer

How to brew Dragon Well Master Grade Long Jing Green Tea tea

  • Amount of tea in grams
  • Temperature in °C
  • Temperature in °F
  • Number of brews
  • First brew time
  • Use: 5-6 grams or 4 tsp. of tea
  • Water amount: 1 gram of tea / 50-80ml of water or 1 tsp. of tea / 2-3 oz. of water
  • Time of day: Daytime after meals
  • Temperature: 75-80 °C or 167-176 °F
  • Brew: 3-4 times
  • First brew: 1:30 minutes:seconds
  • Subsequent brews: Add 30 seconds
  • Recommended tea set: Lu Yao porcelain gaiwan or glass tea set

Dragon Well Master Grade Long Jing Green Tea is also known as...

  • Dragon Well or Dragonwell Tea
  • Lung Ching or Longjing Tea
  • West Lake Green Tea
  • Cantonese version of the name is Long Zing
  • 龙井茶

Our story about Dragon Well Master Grade Long Jing Green Tea

According to legend, tea was first introduced to the Longjing region by a Buddhist monk who brought the finest tea leaves from the world-famous Tiantai Temple. Since then, West Lake Long Jing was offered as an article of Imperial tribute during the Song and Qing Dynasties. Today, you can enjoy what the powerful emperors of China once relished. And just like them, you can say, “Damn, that’s some good green tea.” (Note: not a direct quote!)

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Dragon Well Master Grade Long Jing Green Tea

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3 people found this review helpful
Rating: Rated:5 stars!
Was this review helpful?

This tea has such an amazing after taste. Very fruity, almost like a mango! Initial very smooth. Fantastic smell too. The leaves came in very good condition. I would highly recommend this tea to anyone who is looking for an outstanding green tea.

  • from United States
2 people found this review helpful
Rating: Rated:5 stars!
Was this review helpful?

This is the best loose green tea yet! It doesn't have a bitter taste when steeped for hours. I have reused the leaves twice without the flavors diminishing. It's so smooth, I will be ordering this again. I wasn't disappointed.

  • from United States
1 people found this review helpful
Rating: Rated:5 stars!
Was this review helpful?

I tried my Dragon Well Master Grade Long Jing green tea this morning that I received yesterday. I was surprised by the lightness of color and expected it to be weak because of that, but was pleasantly surprised with the rich taste. I drink my tea straight up. No sugar, no milk as to savor the true flavor of the tea. I did enjoy it very much.

  • from NJ

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