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Meet The Farmer - Zheng Xiao Tu

Green Tea Zheng Xiao Tu Long Jing Tea Farmer Hang Zhou

Meet Zheng Xiao Tu from Hangzhou. The spring water from this region has been praised for its Qi (life-giving force) by none other than Lu Yu, that ancient master of Chinese Tea. Yezi is proud to work directly with Ms. Zheng to bring you Long Jing green tea.

Name: Zheng Xiao Tu

Location: Xi Fu Qu Mei Jia Wu, very close to the Long Pao Quan.

Comments: My family has been growing and selling tea since the early days of the Qing Dynasty. I belong to the third generation of tea farmers.

Our tea has always been highly valued: In the early days, our tea was grown for members of the Imperial Court and the Emperor. That tradition has continued in modern times, when senior government officials and leaders stop by our gardens to personally inspect and select their tea.

Tea has helped my family in so many ways: Everyone in my family has made a livelihood by growing, nurturing, and selling tea. Tea also helped me earn money for school. I am proud because I am the first person in my family to receive a formal education.

We strive to achieve perfection with our tea: I am personally involved with every step of the process - the picking, the processing, and even the final shipment to the consumer - to make sure that we get as close to perfect as possible.

I am never completely satisfied: Many important officials and connoisseurs have told me that our tea is the best in China. However, I believe that our tea can someday get even closer to perfect. I am sixty - two years old, and this quest for perfection is what gets me up and going every morning.

What makes me happy? When I ask other people what they want out of life, some say lots of money. Others desire fame. What I want is for people to discover my Long Jing tea, so that they can experience the bliss and happiness that I have every morning. In my humble opinion, there’s no amount of money that can buy the simple happiness one derives from high-quality tea.

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