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Fresh Tie Guan Yin!

Premium Tie Guan Yin oolong tea from Fujian.

Meet The Farmer - Yu Qi Zhao

Silver Needle and Bai Mu Dan White Tea Farmer

Meet local tea farmer Yu Qi Zhao from Fuding, Fujian. Yezi is proud to work directly with Yu family to bring you some of China's most delicate and sublime white teas.

Name: Yu Qi Zhao

Location: Fuding region, Fujian province

As a child, I always wanted to have my own tea farm: And in 2005, I started my own tea growing business. I guess what my parents told me was right - that if you do your very best, your dreams might just come true!

There are two ways you can fall in love with white tea: With a tea like Tie Guan Yin, you'll fall in love at first sight. But with some of our other white teas, you'll grow to appreciate their different quirks and qualities bit by bit. You'll fall in love over a long period of time.

Our white tea consistently wins awards: Our white tea is USDA certified. We also consistently win some of China's best awards. This makes me proud. But what makes me really happy is sipping the tea from our farms every day - and knowing that other people are getting that very same pleasure too.

These are my teas

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