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Meet The Farmer - Huang Jian

Red Tea and Oolong Tea Farmer Nan Hu Fujian Huang Jin

Meet Jian Huang from the Nanhu Mountain range. Yezi is proud to work directly with Mr. Huang to bring you Yi Fu Chun, Qing Pin, and Jin Pin.

Name: Jian Huang

Location: Nan Hu Mountains region, Fujian

Comments: I have been selling tea since 2003. But I observed that the teas I was selling did not have a uniformly high quality. That’s when I decided to grow my own tea.

I wanted to buy land on Nanhu Mountain: The Nanhu Mountain range has a long culture of tea farming that dates back to the Song Dynasty. In addition, the high altitudes, dense fog cover, and regional micro-climate make it a perfect place to grow Tieguanyin and red tea.

I couldn’t do it all alone: I was helped by the Fujianese agriculture department and local tea experts from the Fujianese Academy of Science. They taught me different techniques and methods for growing high-quality teas suitable for the Nanhu region.

I didn’t succeed overnight: I spent three years on the Nanhu Mountain range, nurturing and cultivating the teas until I achieved perfection.

My formula for success: Don’t compromise. Ever. And use organic fertilizers. Tea is nature - you should always stay in tune with it.

I keep going back to the experts: Every batch of tea from my gardens is inspected by Zhang Tian Fu. Master Zhang is 103 years old and is currently the most respected Tea Master in China. You could say that he is the Lu Yu (ancient master of tea) of modern China.

Why I grow tea: Fujian has a long history of growing tea. The people of Fujian have a long culture of tea appreciation and deserve nothing less than the highest-quality tea.

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