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Yezi Tea Team - Meiqin

Meiqin Weng is the "Premier Leaf" at Yezi Tea. As Premier Leaf, Meiqin's primary role is to ensure that every tea leaf shipped from Yezi is sourced from the most highly regarded organic local farmers in Fujian province and Taiwan.

And just how was Meiqin able to forge relationships with the best Fujian tea farmers?

She didn't have to. For, you see, she already had them!

Meiqin grew up in China's famed tea growing Fujian province, a region steeped in a culture of tea. Meiqin remembers her first tea as vividly as a musician remembers her first guitar or a poet his first cloud.

When she was but the tender age of eight, Meiqin's father introduced her to jasmine tea. (Jasmine is the municipal flower of the Fuzhou City, where Meiqin was born.) After this experience, Meiqin's infatuation with tea blossomed, and she fell in love with Chinese tea.

She began making frequent trips to the cities of Xiamen, Anxi, and other regions of China, where she came to appreciate teas such as Tie Guan Yin, Dragon Well, Puer, Jin Jun Mei, and hundreds of other exquisite Chinese varieties.

When Meiqin came to America ten years ago, she was disappointed to find that most teas sold in stores were of an inferior quality to those she had enjoyed in China. The Chinese tea available in America was frequently mixed with lower-quality leaves, often expired, and was, in every way, inferior in quality to the tea available in Fujian.

This is why Meiqin started Yezi - to bring the great Chinese teas of her childhood to you. As Yezi's Premier Leaf, Meiqin is committed to ensuring that you get only the very best teas from organic and local Fujian and Taiwan farmers. Through the art of tea, she hopes that you, too, can partake of the experiences that made her childhood so very special.

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