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Fresh Tie Guan Yin!

Premium Tie Guan Yin oolong tea from Fujian.

Meet Our Tea Farmers

At Yezi, we are committed to bringing you the finest organic and handcrafted teas from the best local farms in China and Taiwan. Our high-quality teas are a direct result of the tireless commitment to quality and perfection shown by our farmers day after day, season after season. That’s why, in so many ways, the stories of our teas are the stories of our farmers.

  • Red and oolong tea farmer Fujian

    Huang Jian

    Meet Jian Huang from the Nan Hu Mountains. Yezi is proud to work directly with Mr. Huang to bring you Yi Fu Chun, Qing Pin and Tie Guan Yin.

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  • Green tea farmer Hangzhou

    Zheng Xiao Tu

    Meet Zheng Xiao Tu from the Hang Zhou. Yezi is proud to work directly with Ms. Zheng to bring you Long Jing - Dragon Well tea.

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  • Black and oolong tea farmer Wuyi Fujian

    Huang Juan Hua

    Meet Huang Juan Hua from Wuyi, Fujian. Yezi is proud to work directly with Ms. Huang to bring you Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong and Da Hong Pao teas.

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  • White tea farmer Fuding Fujian

    Yu Qi Zhao

    Meet Yu Qi Zhao from Fuding, Fujian. Yezi is proud to work directly with Yu family to bring you some of China's most delicate and sublime white teas.

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