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Fresh Tie Guan Yin!

Premium Tie Guan Yin oolong tea from Fujian.


Where do you get your tea?

We take great pride in making sure that we source our tea from local farmers in Fujian, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Unlike many other Web sites, Yezi never buys our tea from wholesalers. Every tea we have on the site is sourced directly from the best organic local farmers. After all, the goodness of tea is derived entirely from nature. At Yezi, we want to make sure that none of that goodness is diluted or polluted through the workings of the capitalist system. We do that by connecting you directly to the tea farmers.

Can I pick up my tea product in person?

Yezi is a small cottage-industry enterprise. Currently we do not have the people-power to sell directly person-to-person. That said, we look forward to meeting you soon at local New York City markets and street fairs. Check our Twitter and Facebook pages for more details.

Do you provide free samples?

Of course. It’s only fair that you try before you buy. You can browse Yezi’s site to see our collection of white, green, oolong, red, and black teas. When you spot a tea you’d like to try, simply click the "Free Sample" button and add the tea to your cart. Check out and complete your free order. Then all you have to do is wait for the samples, which will arrive at your doorstep shortly.

Why don’t you sell any teas with the heavy fruit flavors commonly found in supermarkets?

Many wholesalers combine tea leaves with flowers and artificial flavors to mask the inferior quality of the tea. At Yezi, we work closely with local farmers to ensure that every tea is of the highest quality. At times you’ll find notes of blackberry or apple or peach or smell the fragrance of orchids. But they’ll be just that—notes that build up bit by bit to add to the overall symphony of the delightful experience of savoring wholesome and naturally flavorful tea.

Why don’t you sell teas from other regions of the world?

The world is a large place. We at Yezi are a small group of people. We focus our limited resources to ensure that you get the best tea from China’s Fujian province, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Our “Premier Leaf,” Meiqin Weng, has strong and long connections to the highest-quality tea farmers in these places. She does an excellent job of leveraging those connections to make sure people across the world have access to the same great tea she enjoyed growing up in China. And getting you high-quality Fujianese and Taiwanese tea is exactly what she will continue to do.

Why isn’t your tea Fair Trade certified?

Our teas are of the highest quality. Certifying them would be equivalent to certifying that Usain Bolt is the fastest runner on the planet. We’ve known our tea farmers personally for a very long time, and we purchase our tea at margins much higher than the 5 or 10 cents recommended by the Fair Trade Commission—because that’s what good friends seeking the very best do. To learn more about our farmers, please visit our Tea Farmer Stories page.

Can I buy your tea wholesale?

Yes, you can. Please contact wholesale(at)yezitea(dot)com

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