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Chinese New Year 2014 - Year of the Horse

Happy year of horse 2014 - Puerh tea

In anticipation of The Year of the Horse, we at Yezi Tea would love to share our excitement and joy with you! Thus, we are counting down to the Horse with 3 days of special promotions.

Wednesday the 29th's celebration

Year of horse 2014 - Silver horseTo kick off our mini-celebration, we are giving everyone who places an order of $20.14 or over a free ounce of tea - Wait for it... A tea of your choice! Looking to stock up on a favorite or try something new? Now is a great chance. During checkout, just leave us a note stating which tea you would like or just send an email our way.

Thursday the 30th's celebration

Year of horse 2014 - Red tea specialAs it is tradition to give gift filled red envelops to loved ones on New Years, we are giving red envelopes filled with gift cards to our beloved customers. For every purchase of $50 or more, we will send along a red envelope with a $10 Yezi Tea gift card*. (Orders over $100 get a $20 gift card. Orders over $200 get a $40 gift card!) Who doesn't love gifts? Especially ones steeped in tradition and bringing good fortune.

*Please be sure to use up your gift cards soon, as they expire on March 1st.

Friday the 31st's celebration

Year of horse 2014 - Tea cupsThe Year of the Horse celebrates a majestic creature that is resilient, intelligence, and heroic. To wish all of you good fortune, all of our red teas will be 20% off (coupon code HORSEROAD20). Red is a color of luck and joy, and also a favorite tea type for us at Yezi. And in honor of the hundreds of thousands of horses that traveled along the Tea Horse Road, any order placed on New Years day, will be shipped for free (United States only)! We like to call this our complimentary Pony Express.

For all three days

All pu-erh is 10% off in honor of the tea that was created via The Tea Horse Road and has since inspired cultures and persons around the world.

Here's to a happy, successful, and auspicious New Year! We hope that Yezi Tea can be a part of what makes your Year of the Horse special.

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