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Organic Tea

Is Yezi's tea organic?

Yes. All of our tea meets the standards required for organic and fair trade certification.

According to the USDA, organic products are defined as those that are "produced without using most conventional pesticides; fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge; bioengineering; or ionizing radiation."

All of Yezi's tea is carefully handpicked from local tea farmers in Fujian and Taiwan. Our farmers have been growing tea for generations upon generations without using fertilizers, pesticides or any other chemicals. Our farmers wouldn't even know the meaning of "ionizing radiation." We take great pride in ensuring that all of our offerings are carefully selected from farms that have a proud tradition of growing and harvesting some of the finest organic teas to come out of China. You can bet that every tea leaf is full of the goodness of nature, and rest assured that every sip you imbibe is entirely natural and organic. You can learn more about our farmers here.

We take pride on being good to our customers -- and our farmers too. We've known our tea farmers personally for a very long time, and we purchase our tea at margins much higher than the 5 or 10 cents recommended by the Fair Trade Commission - because that's what good friends do.

Is your tea organic certified?

Getting an organic certification is a complex process that involves wading through multiple layers of bureaucracy. To compound matters there are hundreds of different agencies internationally that issue organic certifications. These agencies operate on entirely different sets of criteria. Often what constitutes organic in one country is not kosher is another.

Our tea farmers are family run businesses. Their time is entirely occupied in the labor intensive process of sowing, harvesting and processing tea. They simply do not have the time to jump through bureaucratic loopholes and get their teas certified in multiple countries. Nor do they possess the manpower or funds of larger tea companies or corporations to get a formal certification.

At our end, we are doing our best to make sure we visibly and transparently showcase our farmers to you. We have also begun to investigate how best to get the teas from these farmers certified by the USDA and EU Trade Commission.

In the interim, you can take assurance in the words of our tea farmer Zheng Xiao Tu from Hangzhou. She says, "I am personally involved with every step of the process - the picking, the processing, and even the final shipment to the consumer - to make sure that we get as close to perfect as possible. Many important officials and connoisseurs have told me that our tea is the best in China. However, I believe that our tea can someday get even closer to perfect. I am sixty - two years old, and this quest for perfection is what gets me up and going every morning."

In our mind, that's as good a certification as any.

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Tea Packaging

All our teas are packed in environment and customer-friendly ZipSeal pouch bags. The zipper on the top ensures that every cup of tea you enjoy is fresh. The multiple layer structure of bag protects tea leaves against environmental impurities, moisture and odors. Our tea bags are easy to carry and store. Each bag contains an oxygen absorber designed to prolong the shelf life of tea, as well as prevent the change of color in tea leaves.

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