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Tea Tin Trio Gift Set

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Our Two Teas in a Pod gift set may be a dynamic duo, but, our Tin Trio is a triple threat - offering more tea, more variety, and more fun. Each Tin Trio Gift Set contains three teas that have been selected to give you a wide variety of flavors that are distinct from each other, yet complementary in a noticeable way. The set is a perfect way to let the tea lovers in your life stock up on some favorites, or perhaps discover new ones.

Each gift set contains three stunning silver tins of tea (each containing roughly 2 ounces of loose tea) that will dress up any cupboard. The set itself will be wrapped impeccably and will not help but to compliment any tree, menorah, or tabletop.

Oolong Trio - Tie Guan Yin High Grade, Jin Xuan and Tie Guan Yin Master Grade

Die hard oolong fan? Or perhaps looking to experience what both Taiwan and Fujian oolongs have to offer? Well, then our Oolong Trio gift set may be right up your alley. With notes of florals abound, each tea in this set compliments one another. Let Taiwan's Jin Xuan carry you away to lush, green orchards with their notes of fresh tangerines. And let our smooth and creamy Fujian Tie Guan Yin teas call to mind tropical orchids and spring mountain air. This trio is sure to create a symphony of delight.

Fan Favorites - Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong, Jasmine Pearls and Master Grade Dragon Well

These three show-offs have been the most popular teas here at Yezi Tea for quite a while, and we can't blame them! Our Master Grade Long Jing carries a sugarcane-like sweetness and assertive vegetal notes that together create a remarkably complex treat for the senses. Sweet, mellow, smooth, and floral, our Jasmine Pearls are ethereally refreshing and perfect for rejuvenation. And finally, our Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong is a rhythmic tea with notes of cinnamon and a hint of smoke that warms the body and relaxes the mind. With our Fan Favorites pack, you can see for yourself just why these three teas have become Yezi Tea superstars that they are.

Nanhu Lover - Ming Hong, Jin Pin and Tie Guan Yin High Grade

For the last 250 years, the Nanhu Mountain range has been home to some of China's highest-quality organic teas. Nanhu Lover features some of our personal favorite teas as each tea showcases a bountiful bouquet of notes. From fresh decadent Parisian pastries in Ming Hong to chocolate and caramel in Jin Pin and cream, orchids, and rice in Tie Guan Yin.... there is something for everyone in this pack.

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Tea Tin Trio Gift Set

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