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White Gaiwan Tea Brewing Pot

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Just as an accomplished conductor needs a talented symphony to bring forth her or his genius, many a fine tea needs a gaiwan (lidded bowl) brewing pot to realize its fullest potential. The brewing pot is the stage where the magic of tea unfolds, where the tea leaves first come into contact with water, where their beauty is released in a symphony of exquisite visuals, fragrances, and tastes. Yezi is proud to bring you this white brewing pot made in the famous Dehua County in Fujian. A finely crafted gaiwan brewing pot is a must for tea connoisseurs looking to engage all their senses to the fullest. This particular brewing pot is made of Lu Yao, considered to be the highest grade of porcelain in China. This brewing pot ages in a manner so distinguished, it would make George Clooney proud! After a period of time, a network of patterns will begin to emerge on its surface, and these delicate engravings bear a strong resemblance to the finest Chinese jade.


  • Teapot: 129ml or 4 oz.


  • Teapot: 10 x 7.5 cm or 4 x 3 inches

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White Gaiwan Tea Brewing Pot

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