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Yunnan Jin Kong Que Pu'erh Tea

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This high-grade Puer tea comes from the Yunan province—for centuries home to China’s finest Puer teas. Puer tea can be aged for many decades, and, like wine (or, for that matter, people), each tea acquires a unique and distinctive personality over the years.

The Jin Kong Que (or Golden Peacock) comes from some of Yunan’s oldest tea trees. Yezi’s Puer tea is vintage 2010 and is available in 7 oz. / 200-gram disks. The resulting brew is a deep red color with burgundy hues. The beverage is like having a conversation with a loved one in a Rolls-Royce car—sweet and smooth. You can age Jin Kong Que in your own home and marvel at its changing personality as it deepens and matures with the passage of time.

How to brew Yunnan Jin Kong Que Pu'erh Tea tea

  • Amount of tea in grams
  • Temperature in °C
  • Temperature in °F
  • Number of brews
  • First brew time
  • Use: 4-5 grams or 2-3 tsp. of tea
  • Water amount: 1 gram of tea / 50ml of water or 1 tsp. of tea / 2 oz. of water
  • Time of day: Anytime after meals
  • Temperature: 95-100 °C or 203-212 °F
  • Brew: 5-6 times
  • First brew: 30 seconds
  • Subsequent brews: Add 10-15 seconds
  • Recommended tea set: Lu Yao porcelain gaiwan or teapot

Yunnan Jin Kong Que Pu'erh Tea is also known as...

  • Puer or Pu-erh Black Tea
  • Cantonese version of the name is Po Lei
  • 普洱茶

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Yunnan Jin Kong Que Pu'erh Tea

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Thank you Yezi Tea for this sample! A strong bodied, slightly earthy tea which is reminiscent scent wise of old leather and tobacco. (To me) this is my first Pu'erh tea, and something of an unusual flavor reminding me of sour dough bread, but it is not at all toastyand neither is it astringent. I am thankful for the introduction to the world or Pu'erh via this tea. This could become a staple for me. I received this yesterday and have steeped it multiple times. This tea is very consistent steep after steep, and I like that. Color of an amber-burgundy garnet. Teas such as this, along to unparalleled service, are the reasons I will be a repeat customer.

  • from Indiana

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