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Li Shan Oolong Tea

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This Taiwanese oolong is grown on the rocky cliffs of the Li Shan mountain range in the Nantou County of Taiwan. The tea is harvested at 6,600–7,800 feet above sea level. Due to the paucity of agricultural land at such high altitudes, the quantity of Li Shan oolong harvested every year is relatively limited, ensuring that it is always in great demand.

Like some people and most cats, the Li Shan oolong has markedly different personalities when dry and when wet. When you first open the tea pouch, you will be greeted with the aromatic notes of sugarcane. However, when you pour water over the tea leaves and watch them curl up, you will find your room filling up with a powerful orchid scent.

Our Tea Farmer

Farmer Gao Xiu Chen, Li Shan, TaiwanGao Xiu Chen, Li Shan, Taiwan

How to brew Li Shan Oolong Tea tea

  • Amount of tea in grams
  • Temperature in °C
  • Temperature in °F
  • Number of brews
  • First brew time
  • Use: 5-6 grams or 2 tsp. of tea
  • Water amount: 1 gram of tea / 30ml of water or 1 tsp. of tea / 3 oz. of water
  • Time of day: Daytime after meals
  • Temperature: 95-100 °C or 203-212 °F
  • Brew: 5-6 times
  • First brew: 45 seconds
  • Subsequent brews: Add 10-20 seconds
  • Recommended tea set: Lu Yao porcelain gaiwan or teapot

Li Shan Oolong Tea is also known as...

  • Pear Mountain Tea
  • Lishan Wulong Tea
  • Cantonese version of the name is Lei Xaan Cha
  • 梨山茶

Customer Reviews

Li Shan Oolong Tea

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1 people found this review helpful
Rating: Rated:5 stars!
Was this review helpful?

The main floral aroma is honeysuckles, not so much the heady summery aroma of honeysuckles but the late spring early bloom where the flowers are just starting to open their petals. Hiding beneath the freshly blooming honeysuckles are notes of sweet honey and a touch of rose. I was able to get four steeps using Western methods and had quite the adventure with this tea. It starts sweet and mellow with notes of hay and honey and transitions to heady floral and then to mineral and vegetal. This tea is delicious and one of my favorite from Yezi

  • from United States
1 people found this review helpful
Rating: Rated:5 stars!
Was this review helpful?

This tea had a wonderful fruity aroma and flavor. No bitterness at all. It has a nice golden color when brewed. Another cool feature was the amount which the leaves expanded. It makes for an impressive show if you're brewing in a clear container.

  • from Florida
1 people found this review helpful
Rating: Rated:5 stars!
Was this review helpful?

I can't stop smiling while sipping this right now... it's literally THAT good. It has absolutely zero bitterness and has a granola/floral aroma. Taste is creamy, floral, orchid, honey, and milk.

  • from Arkansas, USA

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