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White Tea - Bai Cha

White Tea - CupRare, delicate, and exotic, white teas are the orchids of the tea world. Named after the color of its leaves, which ranges from white, to silver, to pale green, white tea as we know it has been enchanting tea lovers since the late 1700s. Its light and refreshing taste, perfume-like aroma, and beautiful, young, downy leaves are just some of the many characteristics that make white tea so special. Although it is the least processed of the six tea types, the simplicity of how white tea is made utterly contrasts the complexities of the tea type. Just what complexities? Let’s delve deeper into the alluring world of white tea and find out.

The Tea Horse Road

Silver HorseA tale of princesses, warhorses, bandits, ancient cultures, and potent elixirs, the story of The Ancient Tea Horse Road is one that should not be forgotten. The Tea Horse Road or, Chamadao in Mandarin, was a pivotal path used for over a thousand years as a means of trade. Branching from Ya'an and Yunnan to Lhasa, Tibet, the path was as grueling as it was influential. It was traveled by fearsome and brave muleteers who lead caravans filled with tea from the fields of Yunnan, to trade from warhorses bred on the plateau of Tibet.

Advice for Those New to Loose-Leaf Tea

Two cups with Chinese red knotsJoining the ranks of the league of loose-leaf tea drinkers may seem like a daunting task for some. With wide variety and complex flavors and aromas, selecting the teas that may be right for you can be a formidable yet joyous conundrum. One may feel like an awestruck child in a candy shop filled with wondrous delights. From tea type to tea region, from teaware to brewing techniques, there are several topics to consider when first starting out. With that being said, making the leap from bagged teas to loose-leaf does not have to be complicated. We at Yezi believe that the basics of selecting and brewing loose-leaf tea are easy to understand and follow. Thus, we would like to invite you down the rabbit hole and into the wonderland that is the world of loose-leaf tea. We assure you that, unlike Alice, you won't get lost.

Bagged Tea vs. Loose-leaf Tea - Part 2

Loose leaf tea vs bagged teaThe same reason why tea bags became popular in the early to mid 1900s is the reason why they remains popular today. Many people like their teas like they like their sports cars: Fast and strong. While there is nothing wrong with that, we believe that there is a large misconception that loose-leaf teas are not convenient. Without a doubt, pulling a tea bag from its container, placing it in boiling hot water, and within minutes, enjoy a strong brew of tea, is easy. However, preparing loose-leaf teas can be comparably convenient. Loose-leaf tea can be made seamlessly without any special tea-equipment.

Bagged Tea vs. Loose-leaf Tea - Part 1

Tea cup with yixiang pot and brushThroughout history, many epic battles have been waged. In the tea community, arguably the most distinguished battle is the one between bagged tea and loose-leaf. King Bagged Tea has his army of tea drinkers that boast how easy and quick it is to use tea bags, while Emperor Loose-Leaf's army boasts that the superior quality of loose-leaf tea cannot be mistaken!

We here at Yezi are champions of Emperor Loose-Leaf. With superior quality, complexity, and variety, we believe that loose-leaf tea is the best way to enjoy the splendor that is the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. One may ask: “If bagged tea and loose-leaf come from the same plant, why is bagged tea inferior?”

To answer that, we must first talk about the history of the tea bag.

How Long Does Tea Last?

Tea cup with yixiang pot and brushThere is very little that is worse for a tea lover than steeping their favorite tea the way they have always done, just to realize upon first sip that something is not quite right. The wonderful aroma and taste that they have grown to love has now changed into something different. The characteristics of the tea are all wrong, but the preparation was perfect. "What has happened?" they cry out, "What dastardly person has corrupted my tea?" Luckily, we don't need cunning of Sherlock or wits of Batman to uncover this culprit. This dastardly wrongdoer has a moniker and it is: staleness.

Learn How to Brew Gongfu Tea

Puerh tea with gaiwan and sharing pitcherDrinking tea in China is a lot like drinking wine in the West. The ceremony and the ritual are every bit as important as the beverage itself. A Chinese tea ceremony delights and engages all the senses. And it’s much easier to arrange one than you might actually think. How easy is it? It can be explained with a few pictures and a few more sentences.

Welcome to Yezi Tea Online Tea Store

Yezi Tea Opening Day with Red, Black, White and Green Tea LeavesHello, I am Meiqin, and I am the “Premier Leaf” at Yezi Tea. I have lived in a number of places in my life: the jasmine-scented neighborhoods of Fuzhou City in China’s Fujian province, the lush green urban metropolis of Singapore, and among the bustling crowds of Flushing, Queens, New York. But no matter where I lived, I always maintained a connection to nature through the healing, soothing, and calming powers of tea.

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