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Black Tea - Hong Cha - Part 2

Black Tea - Black Tea CupPart one of our blog on black tea told the history of the famous tea type and how it is made. This week, we’ll start from where we left off by delving into some examples of black teas. So, welcome back tea-friends. Buckle up, and let’s continue!

As mentioned in part one, this blog's purpose is to focus on and discuss exclusively Chinese-grown black teas. Generally speaking, the main types of Chinese black teas are: gongfu cha, xiaozhong cha, and hong sui cha. As most high quality black teas are considered to be gongfu cha, we shall talk about those teas first.

Black Tea - Hong Cha - Part 1

Black Tea - Red TeaBlack tea (or red tea as it is called in China) is a legend in the West, and therefore may need no introduction. However, for clarity's sake, teas that fall under the category of black tea are those that are fully oxidized. This complete oxidation allows black teas the ability to take on flavors, aromas, and colors not seen in any other tea type. While the most popular black teas today hail from India and Sri Lanka, some of the most extraordinary black teas still come from China. The word "still" is important here, for what few people know is that the processing method used to make the ever popular South Asian black teas such as English Breakfast, Darjeeling, and Ceylon, originated in Fujian, China.

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