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Pu-erh Tea - Part One

Pu-erh Tea CakeAlthough pu-erh is arguably one of the most influential tea types, few cared about its history until very recently. In fact, without the thirst for knowledge of a select group of tea lovers in the 1990s, the world of pu-erh as we know it today would not exist! Gaining insight and understanding is a theme throughout pu-erh’s history that has helped change the tea’s image, allowing it to grow from a simple bitter herb to a royal tribute, and onward today to a tea that is collected feverishly around the world. Born in Yunnan, China, pu-erh tea is part of a group of teas categorized as post-fermented. Simply put, this means that the tea is alive.

The Tea Horse Road

Silver HorseA tale of princesses, warhorses, bandits, ancient cultures, and potent elixirs, the story of The Ancient Tea Horse Road is one that should not be forgotten. The Tea Horse Road or, Chamadao in Mandarin, was a pivotal path used for over a thousand years as a means of trade. Branching from Ya'an and Yunnan to Lhasa, Tibet, the path was as grueling as it was influential. It was traveled by fearsome and brave muleteers who lead caravans filled with tea from the fields of Yunnan, to trade from warhorses bred on the plateau of Tibet.

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