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Advice for Those New to Loose-Leaf Tea

Two cups with Chinese red knotsJoining the ranks of the league of loose-leaf tea drinkers may seem like a daunting task for some. With wide variety and complex flavors and aromas, selecting the teas that may be right for you can be a formidable yet joyous conundrum. One may feel like an awestruck child in a candy shop filled with wondrous delights. From tea type to tea region, from teaware to brewing techniques, there are several topics to consider when first starting out. With that being said, making the leap from bagged teas to loose-leaf does not have to be complicated. We at Yezi believe that the basics of selecting and brewing loose-leaf tea are easy to understand and follow. Thus, we would like to invite you down the rabbit hole and into the wonderland that is the world of loose-leaf tea. We assure you that, unlike Alice, you won't get lost.

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