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Hello, I am Meiqin, and I am the “Premier Leaf” at Yezi Tea. I have lived in a number of places in my life: the jasmine-scented neighborhoods of Fuzhou City in China’s Fujian province, the lush green urban metropolis of Singapore, and among the bustling crowds of Flushing, Queens, New York. But no matter where I lived, I always maintained a connection to nature through the healing, soothing, and calming powers of tea.

As far back as I can remember, tea has always been an integral part of my life. One of my earliest childhood memories involves my father pouring me jasmine tea. I vividly recall the leaves changing color and shape at the first touch of water. No sooner had he poured the tea into the pot than the scent of the orchards of faraway Nanhu Mountain wafted through the room.

Since then, I have always made tea a regular part of my daily life. In my mind, in this commercialized world of packaged goods, there are few things quite as natural as tea. Nature is the mother of tea. The earth protects the tea leaves, the rain nourishes them, the mists caress them, even as the sun and the fog work tirelessly upon them and watch them come of age. Simply put, when I have tea, I bring this very nature into my home.

Tea makes me feel calm and happy. That’s why I have it every day. That’s why I started Yezi Tea—so that I could bring the finest loose-leaf teas from China’s most highly regarded local farmers to people in America and across the world.

Write to me at weng (at) yezitea (dot) com. Tell me, why do you like to have tea?

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